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Does Lemon Water Break Your Fast?

does lemon water break a fast
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Fasting accustomed to be restricted to only non-secular and cultural practices shortly agone. Although, with the introduction of the intermittent fast, it’s become a lifestyle for several. For this reason, it’s essential to grasp what’s right or wrong to consume whereas fast.

Are you here to discover, if it is safe to drink lemon water whereas fasting? In straightforward words, something with calories will break a fast. However, typically beverages with a really low range of calories will be consumed. Since lemon water solely has around 11-30 calories per glass, you’ll be able to drink it whereas fast.

Although, once folks arrange to adhere to the present observe, many queries arise, notably on the standing of liquids. If one thing may be a liquid, it doesn’t break a fast – as a result of you don’t eat, right? Well, not precisely. Some liquids like soda and juice contain a lot of calories and sugar and, therefore, break a fast. Will lemon water pertain to the present sort of no-go liquids?

Clarity About Lemon Water

Lemon water is water saturated coupled with the citrus juice of lime or lemon. It will vary in terms of concentration, looking at what proportion citrus infusion is intercalary to the water. A lot of the citrus infusion, a lot of focused the water are going to be, which implies the lemon’s style is going to be a lot of detectable.

There are  several methods of how this liquid drink is consumed; most differ from one geographical location to the flip side. Some many people prefer to heat the water before combining the juice and having it around the morning. Some people conceive to put some ice for a cooling impact to beat the warmth.

Advantages of Lemon Water

Lemons area unit famed for his or her high ascorbic acid content and numerous antioxidants.

Lemon water can provide you with a splash of identical nutrients, however in smaller quantities (depending on what quantity lemon is in your water).

Like any fruit, you’ll conjointly get some fiber if you eat it whole. Although, during this case, we tend to area unit simply squeeze out a bit of juice. Thus no fiber.

I couldn’t realize proof of different special health advantages from lemon water, despite numerous (likely unfounded) claims scattered across the web.

Lemon conjointly contains different vitamins, like vitamins B1, B2, B5, and B6. These aforementioned vitamins square weigh far more than letters and numbers. thiamine permits the body to require advantage of carbohydrates as energy, and ovoflavin (also called Riboflavin) is needed for metastasis.

Lemon water will simply be created by adding slices of lemon, instead of simply the juice. It tastes nice either method. Most people prefer the visual result of lemon slices in water and like it that way – a satisfaction for the oculus.

Lemon Water and Fasting

So, what is the gist behind drinking lemon water when fasting? initial, it’s vital to recollect that you just will still have water within the Fasting amount since it’s zero calories, and it’s vital to remain hydrated!

Water is crucial in intermittent fasting as a result of it’s a hydrator, a cleanser, and may boost metabolism. Water could be a very important supply of nutrition that the body must operate properly. It conjointly provides a cushion for joints, like knees and elbows, and is so a supply of protection.

But what happens once you add lemon to your water?

In strict terms, an intense range of calories can break a fast. That said, human metabolism is advanced associate degree doesn’t operate like an on-and-off switch.

In reality, drinking plain lemon water, which contains tokenish calories, is unlikely to have an effect on your fast.

You may be questioning, will lemon water break a fast? Technically, it does, as a result of something that contains calories breaks fast.

Although, if you’re asking are you able to drink lemon water whereas fasting? affirmative, you can!

Despite the actual fact that it contains calories, lemon water solely has around eleven-thirty calories per glass, which doesn’t defeat the aim of intermittent abstinence. Hence, lemon water may be consumed throughout a fast. This is often nice news for those people who like to add an acid note to our drinks.

Lemon Water Constituent

A small lemon has concerning sixteen calories and five grams of carbohydrates from laevulose, known as fruit sugar.  Naturally, the energy content of lemon water depends on what proportion of lemon you place in it. 

If you squeeze out the juice from ¼ of a lemon, you’d most likely locomote four cal and one gram of carbs.

A very little lemon wedge or slice just like the ones they use at restaurants would solely have concerning one cal, and primarily no carbs.

You’ll get even less sugar from the lemon if you don’t squeeze it, and simply place it within the water instead.


There’s not a great deal of food energy in lemon water, although, it varies betting on what proportion lemon you utilize, and the way sharply you squeeze out the juice.

More About Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is what you squeeze directly out of the lemon, therefore it’s plenty a lot of focused than lemon water.

One cup of juice has over sixty calories and twenty grams of carbs, which may be a bit an excessive amount for somebody who’s fast.


Lemon juice features a heap a lot of sugar/carbs than lemon water, therefore don’t drink juice by itself once you’re fast

Important Note:

If you would like to undertake alternative things in your water likewise, like honey or ginger, simply inspect the nutrition information for no matter what you’re adding to form certain it doesn’t have over some calories or grams of carbs.


How Can Lemon Water have an Impact on Your Fasting Goals?

For how long do you plan on Fasting and what kind of Fasting goals do you tend to follow.

Intermittent Fasting and Lemon Water

This includes what is usually known as “intermittent” Fasting, that is once somebody grub all their food for the day among concerning 8-12 hours instead of intake all day long, as the majority do.

Some common goals of daily intermittent Fasting embody fat loss, glucose management, higher organic compound levels, and intestine rest (for instance).

Let’s see if lemon water is okay for every one of those goals, once practicing Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent Fasting and Lemon Water for Organ rest

Intermittent fast is used for short internal organ rest. 

For example, if you eat all of your food among eight hours on a daily basis, that leaves regarding sixteen hours out of twenty four for your abdomen and intestines to “rest”.

For total internal organ rest, you’d need to avoid ingestion something in the least and drink solely water.

So if your main goal is internal organ rest, lemon water isn’t ideal.


Unless you’re Fasting specifically for intestine rest, drinking lemon water throughout intermittent Fasting is okay, as long as you don’t amplify it.

Intermittent Fasting and Lemon Water for Controlling Blood Sugar

When you are fasting, your glucose level tends to travel down since you’re not taking in any sugar or different carbs.

Lemon water has only a few carbs ~1g / glass, therefore it shouldn’t have an effect on glucose levels abundant the least bit.

For example, after I drink broth which has concerning five calories and one gram of carbs per serving, roughly constant as lemon water, throughout a fast, it doesn’t appear to own any noticeable result on my glucose levels. 


I think if you’re doing daily intermittent fast for glucose management, lemon water is unquestionably okay, as long as you don’t do it.

Intermittent Fasting and Lemon Water for Ketosis

Ketones square measure an alternate energy supply your body makes once you’re not uptake carbs, like once you’re fasting (no carbs) or uptake a ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat).

Some individuals realize that daily fasting helps increase their organic compound levels quite if they solely eat a ketogenic diet while not fasting.

The carbs ~1g / glass in lemon water square measure quite low, in order that they shouldn’t interfere greatly with organic compound production also known as ketosis in your body.

To clarify, a “strict” ketogenic diet will mean uptake fewer than twenty grams of carbs per day, that is regarding what’s during a medium-sized lemon. therefore if you limit yourself to 1 lemon per day or less, your organic compound levels can most likely keep high.

People often use lemon in their tea once I’m Fasting, and that they haven’t detected any modification in their organic compound levels from doing this.

So can lemon water take you out of ketosis?  As long as you don’t drink method an excessive amount of, it shouldn’t be a drag. 


If higher organic compound levels are your goal, lemon water is unquestionably okay.

Intermittent Fasting with Lemon Water;

Goes with Ketosis and Blood Sugar Control but not with Organ rest.

In Ramadan

Ramadan is an Associate in Nursing Islamic holy month that features a kind of Intermittent Fasting.

For an entire synodic month annually, people who observe this vacation solely eat meals throughout nighttime hours.

This is a reasonably strict pattern of fasting within which no food or drink is consumed throughout the day. Therefore, lemon water isn’t allowable throughout the fasting amount.

Therapeutic fasting

When fasting for a medical scheme, you need to adhere tightly to fasting guidelines to avoid any complications.

Absolute instance, you’ll be ready to drink clear liquids up to some hours before a procedure.

It’s vital to envision along with your care skills to work out whether or not any foods or beverages are allowed throughout your fasting amount.

Lemon Water Options

Considering the fact that lemon water incorporates a terribly low-calorie count, you’ll be able to consume it throughout your fasting amount without concern concerning the effectiveness of your fast.

Just like lemon water, there square measure a couple of alternative beverages that square measure even as low once it involves the calorie count:

Green Tea: this drink isn’t simply low in calories (around 2-3 calories per cup); it conjointly suppresses hunger and reduces cholesterol!

Coffee: we tend to mean plain black low, not a caffe latte or cappuccino! Plain black low won’t break your fast and can offer you the energy to fight fastingfatigue.

Salt Water: adding salt to a glass of water won’t break your fast and may assist you fight headaches and fatigue.

Cucumber Water: rather like adding lemon to your water won’t break your fast, neither can golf shot a couple of slices of cucumber in your glass of water.

If you’ve been an active intermittent fasting participant for a minute or simply beginning out, you’ll additionally try our 21-day intermittent fast challenge. simply keep in mind, successive time you’re feeling thirsty throughout your fast, get yourself a glass of lemon water! currently that you just apprehend that lemon water doesn’t break a fast, you’ll relish the numerous health edges that lemon water has got to supply.

Intermittent fasting is simply than fasting; it’s a way of life. a way of life that permits you to succeed in your health goals. the majority notice this system of fast to be terribly helpful as a result of it’s not too strict. you’ll set your own hours and consume zero or low-calorie drinks, like lemon water.

This article is meant for general informational functions solely and doesn’t address individual circumstances. it’s not a substitute for skilled recommendation or facilitate and may not be relied on to create choices of any kind. A commissioned medical man ought to be consulted for the identification and treatment of any and every one medical condition. Any action you are taking upon the knowledge bestowed during this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

Important Notice

Bottom line

The most common varieties of fasting square measure intermittent fasting, non-secular fasting such as for the month of Ramadan, and therapeutic Fasting, every of that has varied levels of obstinacy.

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