In this unhealthy world, restoring health requires thinking and acting differently. For this, your belief should rely on science and nature, not the advertising or dogma of the industry. Giving the right environment and evidence-based lifestyle changes has the power to surprise your own body to return to your health.

We, the Breakfasting team believe that knowledge enables us to seek good health and well-being. Our team of enterprising and curious writers and editors has explored the complexities of medical research and science to provide you with medical, objective and accurate health information using surveys, medical experts and renowned sources.

Through our content, we inspire you to ask questions, explore new knowledge, and take healthy steps. Hopefully, we want you to take ownership of your health journey and feel confident in making the right and instructive decisions for yourself and your loved ones. 

Our Vision and mission

Our goal and objective are to build a healthy and powerful community by making people aware of health. We will work on all the modern and effective ways of diet and make the body healthy. In all areas of our work, we aim to generate and communicate clear, accurate, accessible information about nutrition, diet, intermittent fasting and lifestyle development that is neutral and accessible to a wide range of audiences, especially the general public, public media, social media, government, schools, colleges, health professionals, and food and beverage companies.

Breakfasting’s activities include: providing high-quality nutrition for different types of people, publishing information on nutrition and developing training in this area; Disseminate resources, information and training to facilitate healthy choices.