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What Is Cold Pressed Juice, And Benefits Of Drinking Cold Pressed Juice

Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

Homemade juices are undoubtedly healthier than sugar-laden, off-the-shelf mixtures. Nevertheless, various buyers are not knowledgeable of the fact that the juicer you select plays a vital role in making the juices more nutritional. Traditional juicers, or centrifugal models, use fast-spinning blades to disintegrate the fruits or vegetables. This eliminates the crucial nutrients from the juices leaving insufficient or no nutritious value. 

Cold-pressed juicers or “Masticating”  juicers have become completely prominent as these machines distillate juice by pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables. These juicers do not generate heat when taken out for consumption.

This drink fad started in recent years and bottles of cold-pressed juice appear to be everyplace from coffee stores to grocery shops. Cold-pressed juice comes from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and is processed in a precise way that extracts the utmost amount of liquid. It has snatched the interest of health-conscious folk because of its outstanding health benefits.

What Does Cold Pressed Juice Mean?

Cold-pressed juice is prepared with a hydraulic press that utilizes thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the utmost amount of liquid from raw fruits and vegetables. No extra heat or oxygen is utilized in the process, meaning that no nutrients are forfeited in the heat of common pasteurization.

However cold-pressed juice in its fresh form only has a shelf life of 3 to 4 days before microbes begin to contaminate it, and it can present some pretty central food safety risks, particularly for young children or women who are pregnant.

To figure out this problem, most of the cold-pressed juices on the market have gone through a pasteurization method called high-pressure processing (HPP). In HPP, already packaged juices are immersed in cold water under great pressure, which destroys pathogens and improves the shelf life (expiration date) from 3 to 5 days to an exulting 30 to 45 days.

The cold pressing procedure is labor-intensive, so you reap every bit of the tasty juice.

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Benefits of Drinking Cold Pressed Juice

With the variation of cold-pressed juice benefits obtainable, there is more reason to make the substitution. Here are a few incredible benefits of cold-pressed juices.

1. Tremendous Consistency 

Another considerable detail about cold press juice is that it has a very friendly consistency, with very small pulp – of course, this point primarily hinges on if you relish pulp or not! 

The pulp is left behind after the juice is taken out, leaving you with a much brighter consistency to relish.

2. Very easy To Digest

Cold press juices are not only abundant with a collection of nutrients but are also very easy to digest. This is because the juice does not normally include pulp, which is loaded with insoluble fiber. (1)

Excluding the insoluble fiber, cold-pressed juice is quick and simple to digest – giving an instant delivery of nourishing nutrients for our body to absorb. (2)

Nevertheless, soluble fiber is still present in various cold-pressed juices – including the beverages produced by the Juice Institute. This means the fiber is still free to execute all of its important duties, like decreasing fat absorption, regularizing blood sugar, and nurturing gut bacteria. (3)

3. Fresh Taste

Nevertheless, cold-pressed juices may have a reduced shelf life (expiry date), it just implies that you can relish their abundant, full taste while it is fresh!

Numerous outlets juices have a lengthy shelf life, implying that they could be sitting on shelves for months at a time before being consumed. On the contrary, cold-pressed juices (like the blends produced by the Juice Institute), only have a 4-day shelf life before it expires. This implies that you can rest assured knowing that you are sipping a juice that is been freshly prepared rather than standing on a shelf for an extended period.

4. Loads Of Nutrients

Cold-pressed juicing produces a beverage that is filled to the brim with a wide amount of vitamins and minerals – helping to bolster and nurture our body.

With such a broad span of nutrients on offer, you can uncover juices to bolster your immune system, decrease inflammation, boost digestion, stimulate healthy hair, purify the body, and enhance energy – and that is only scratching the surface.

5. High in Calories

Cold-pressed juices can be increased in calories because of how thick and concentrated the juice is. One bottle is commonly two servings. Nonetheless, they are much better for your health when you distinguish them from normal juices at the supermarket.

More Facts about Cold Pressed Juice

In spite of the fact that consuming freshly juiced fruits and vegetables may possess numerous health benefits, consuming nothing but juice for 3 days or more is not certainly healthful or endurable in the long term. Any health benefits attained are only ephemeral.

A 2017 study inquiry concluded that juicing or detoxification diets work for rapid weight loss, but they tend to steer to weight gain once a regular diet is continued.

It is essential to document that there are dissimilarities between juicing and blending:

  • Juicing pertains to squeezing the juices from fruits and vegetables and segregating them from the pulp.
  • Blending combines all of the nutritive parts of fruits and vegetables, comprising the pulp, or fibrous portion.

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Advantages of Acquiring a Cold Pressed Juicer

Acquiring a cold-pressed juicer has a lot of advantages. Here are some of the purposes to possess a cold-pressed juicer.

1. Self-made Ingredients

Cold-pressed juicers not only preserve money but also guarantee that you consume healthy and nutritional juices. You can effortlessly select organic produce or fruits and vegetables from a local farmers’ market to prepare cold-pressed juice. The juicers also come with a unique “reset” button. This can be extremely helpful after vacations, indulgent weekends, or when you are not feeling too well.

2. Preserves Nutritional Value

Cold Pressed juicer does not generate much heat, therefore keeping the nutrients and fibers unblemished. (4)

3. Produces More Juice

For the same amount of green vegetables and fruits, a Cold-Pressed juicer produces more juice. The juicers can also process nuts for the tastiest almond or cashew nut milkshakes.

4. Reduced Noise

The lower speed processing provides Cold Pressed Juicer a unique advantage of low noise, making it reasonable. As a result, you can effortlessly use the juicer whenever you need it without bothering anyone.

5. Blockage Free Operation

Cold Pressed juicer comes with an unusual reverse action motor that makes it manageable to clear the blockages, a unique attribute. This feature makes a cold-pressed juicer a preferred choice in every kitchen.

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Probable health risks linked with fruit juice concern fiber, sugar, and weight gain.

  • Fiber

For instance, while raw fruit juice possesses various dietary fibers, the quantities are not as high as those in fresh vegetables or fruit. Daily dietary suggestions from the Department of Agriculture are for females to consume at a minimum of 28 g of dietary fiber each day, and for males to consume 34 g every day.

  • Sugars

However, sweet fruit juice does not comprise added sugars like those in sweetened drinks, it does have fructose, which is a naturally developing sugar.

  • Weight gain

A 2019 review recommended that when fructose supplants other carbohydrates with comparable calories, people do not add weight. The authors recommend that fructose itself is not responsible for the people in researches attaining weight. Instead, the culprit is consuming too many broad calories. The same review also reports that sweetened juices with added sugars may add to weight gain in children and diabetes in adults.

Consequently, people must notice the ingredients to make sure that juice is 100% fruit or vegetable. The authors of the study also revealed that people should not completely displace whole fruits and vegetables with juices.


Juices can give vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Drinking a serving of juice might donate to a person’s advised daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Many fruits and vegetables possess health benefits, and someone can select certain juices to supplement their health. Nevertheless, juices with extra sugars may lead to weight gain.

Juices should not displace whole fruits and vegetables.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cold-pressed Juice?

The juice manufactured by a cold-pressed juicer (also known as Masticating Juicer) is called Cold Pressed Juice. These juicers run at a speed of 45 cycles every minute and use a pressing/squeezing means to manufacture juice. Followers of juicers utilize high-speed blades that rotate at 2000+ cycles each minute and segregate pulp from the juice which generates heat and results in vital nutrients and loss of enzyme.

For How long will the juice last?

Cold Pressed Juices may persist between 3-5 days or occasionally extra. Nevertheless, after day 1 the juices lose nearly 40% of their nutrition value. With that said the juice prepared with fast juicers is manufactured with lesser nutrients and loses roughly 40% of nutrition value between the first hour. We suggest obtaining your juices as fresh as one could.

What are the best means to consume fruits and vegetables?

This question may sound a bit out of topic but we do get asked. The answer is very easy, the reasonable means to consume them is by eating them fresh. Some vegetables are competent when steamed. Nevertheless, if you are too busy to chew them fresh then the next reasonable means is to juice them employing a masticating juicer.

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