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Does Almond Oil Good For Health? Everything in Detail

almond oil
Almond oil

Almond oil is the oil obtained from the fruit of the deciduous almond tree {Prunus dulcis}. Native to the Middle East and Asia, almond trees first emerged in the United States in the 19th century. Cold-pressed almond oil is extricated from almonds by squeezing them with a modern steel press.

There are 2 types of oil manufactured from almonds: bitter oil and sweet oil. The sweet one is a better fit for your skin. But what is the definition of Sweet Oil? Sweet Oil is a soft edible oil. Sweet Almond Oil is one of several carrier oils that subsist. Carrier oils are customarily obtained from plants. These are used to dilute vital oils and “carry” them to your skin. This occurs because vital oils are powerful and can cause inflammation when applied directly to your skin.

Loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants, almond oil seeps deep into the hair and skin to presents immediate benefits.

What is Almond Oil? Full Details

Sweet almond oil is the vital oil of sweet almonds that are extricated by an oil distillation method; furthermore, it can be extricated with an almond kernel press. This rich oil is stuffed with saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fats. This oil also comprises high levels of fatty acids and has been used for over centuries to heal skin diseases, specifically, psoriasis and eczema.

This carrier oil is understood to treat superficial skin burns, increase collagen production, maintains skin supple and hydrated, and also shield against potential harm caused by damaging UV rays. Due to its abundant source of minerals, it can alleviate muscular aches, discard toxins present in the skin, and also increase the growth of soft, and shiny, and thick hair.

Sweet almond oil is loaded with a lot of habits that include body pain relief and skin rash, decreases stress, increases circulation, and confronts the undiagnosed concerns of spider veins and varicose veins.

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Types of Almond Oil

There are 2 main types of almond oils, each with its own uses:

  • Bitter almond oil: Possesses a powerful smell and is occasionally used in soaps, massage therapy, and aromatherapy, but has toxic characteristics when consumed.
  • Sweet almond oil: Extricated from sweet almonds, generally used as a component in hair products and skincare.

Almond oil Nutritional Facts

This oil is exceptionally high in vitamin E, providing over 200 percent of your everyday necessity in a 100-gram quantity. In accordance with the USDA National Nutrient Database, sweet almond oil is also abundant in vitamin K and essential B-complex vitamins like niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, folate, and riboflavin. It has tremendous amounts of omega-6 fatty acids which are wonderful for stimulating hair from the roots and for supple skin.

Almond oil is a magnificent source of minerals like zinc, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Almonds comprise phenylalanine and L-carnitine, chemicals that are linked with augmented cognitive function and improved mood.

Serving size: 100g

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) [mg]39.2
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) [µg]7
Fatty acids, total saturated [g]8.2
16:0 [g]6.5
18:0 [g]1.7
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated [g]69.9
6:1 [g]0.6
18:1 [g]69.4
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated [g]17.4
18:2 [g]17.4
Phytosterols [mg]266
Energy [kJ]3699
Total lipid (fat) [g]100
Choline, total [mg]0.4
USDA National Nutrient Database

Health Benefits of Almond oil

The most significant health benefits of sweet almond oil include preserving the skin from harm, cleansing the face, brightening the skin, diminishing inflammation, promoting hair health, and growing the nails, and so on.

The oil is light golden to brown in color with light in the composition. This oil helps to develop the health of hair and skin without any consequences.

  • It staves off Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition that transpires due to the increase in blood sugar as the pancreas of cells is not able to create insulin accurately. It helps to control the level of blood sugar and limits the condition of diabetes.

  • Control Healthy Weight

A diet that is rich in almonds aids in dropping weight. The study reveals that the people who take almonds in the diet exhibit a loss in weight in contrast to those who did not add almonds to their diets.

  • Control Cholesterol level

Almond oil is able to control cholesterol levels. The daily consumption of almond oil boosts the level of HDL cholesterol and decreases LDL cholesterol typically. It also supports the movement of nutrients and oxygen easily through blood.

  • Maintain Skin and hair health

Almond oil is capable of keeping the hair and skin healthy. It can be used for skin that is sensitive as well. Due to its antioxidant characteristics, it limits harm prompted by UV rays and makes the skin soft as well as pliant. Due to its light composition, it absorbs the skin swiftly. It also inhibits the condition of acne due to the ubiquity of Vitamin A. Implement a few drops of almond oil to the darkened circle’s area, it helps to eradicate it. Use almond oil to the face, this decreases the signs of aging and aid in the regeneration of facial skin. This oil is also effective for eczema and psoriasis. It renders aid from itchiness, inflammation, and redness caused by psoriasis and eczema.

  • It Cures Ear aches

Almond oil is effective to render relief from ear pain. It is also used to dissolve ear wax and alleviates the blockage in ventilation tubes of the ear. It is harmless for the ear even if the ear has microscopic injuries inside it. Warm tablespoon in heated water and add 3 drops of almond oil on the spoon. Then release it in the ear and let it go down.

  • Regulate Colon health

Almond oil is helpful for sustaining health. The consumption of almonds decreases the chances of colon cancer. The dose of almond oil is used to heal rectal prolapse in children. It serves as a laxative that renders relief from constipation. The consumption of 2 tablespoons of almond oil is effective.

  • Regulate Heart health

Almond oil monitors the level of cholesterol if incorporated into the diet. It also decreases the chances of cardiovascular ailments according to the researchers. It limits the heart diseases such as high cholesterol and chronic inflammation.

  • Eliminate Stretch Marks

When your body undergoes speedy growth—such as throughout pregnancy or puberty—the stretching can make the skin’s collagen and elastin crack. As the skin regenerates, stretch marks appear on the body. The study reveals that almond oil can not only limit stretch marks in pregnant people but also decrease itching prompted by stretch marks as the skin regenerates.

One study of pregnant women discovered that when almond oil was used directly to the skin each day, stretch marks were less anticipated to generate.

If you previously have stretch marks, massaging almond oil on the skin daily may help dissolve their appearance while also softening and toning the skin.

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Ways to Use Sweet Almond Oil?

You can apply sweet almond oil for many health reasons. These are some of the simple ways to apply it.

  • Use sweet almond oil as a makeup cleanser whenever you fall short of the natural one.
  • You can attach a few drops of vital oil of your preference to almond oil and apply it as a cleanser.
  • Sweet almond oil works as an exceptional moisturizer for dry skin.
  • Apply it for a head massage after a tedious day.


Sweet almond oil is usually safe for anyone to use on their hair and skin. People with nut allergies should not use or apply almond oil, as it may prompt an allergic response. Those with acne-prone skin should desist from using or applying almond oil straight to the face, as it may prompt breakouts and obstruct pores.

Side effects of Almond oil

  • Anaphylaxis: Almond oil may prompt allergic reactions in people with nut allergies. If you feel you might be allergic, you can test consuming half a teaspoon and anticipating a day to determine if you have an allergic relapse.
  • Decreasing blood sugar levels: Consuming almond oil simulates the impacts of estrogen and may lead, in case of lengthened consumption, to reducing the blood sugar levels. It should be used with discretion by diabetics or patients who are under vaccination for diabetes.
  • Weight gain: Because almond oil has upgraded levels of calories, too much use can prompt weight gain.
  • Drug interactions: Almond oil may interact with supplements assigned to reduce cholesterol, which includes garlic, fish oil, and niacin. Consult your doctor just in case you are on any medications.

How to consume Almond oil?

  • It could be mixed with veggies, salads, and potatoes.
  • Almond oil is a perfect backup for olive oil.
  • It is used fresh and is not fitting for frying purposes.


Almond oil is a multipurpose fat that can be utilized as a food or natural beauty product.

Almond oil might enhance heart health, maintain blood sugar levels, inhibit free radical injury and assist you in sustaining a normal weight.

What is more, the oil makes an exceptional moisturizer for both the hair and skin, and it may even help limit stretch marks and shield your skin from sun damage.

Unrefined almond oil holds more nutrients than refined almond oil and is more suitable for gourmet uses. Just make sure you do not heat it, as doing so will erase some of its nutrients.

No matter how you want to use this interesting oil, it makes an exceptional supplement to both your vanity and pantry.

People Also Asked about Almond oil

Can almond oil reduce stretch marks?

As professed by a study, almond oil has been demonstrated to be an active ingredient to stop the spreading as well as the development of stretch marks on the skin.

It does so due to the undertone characteristics the oil possesses.

The oil moistens the skin so that it can stretch without the aggravation of the marks, as soft skin can regulate the stretching better than natural skin.

This is also the cause why pregnant women are always given the tip to rub and massage sweet almond oil on their stretch marks.

Does almond oil protect you from the sun?

Almond oil is an outstanding product to shield your skin from the sun.

The immense concentration of Vitamin E in the oil presents antioxidant characteristics which limit damages caused by dangerous UV exposure from the sun.

Furthermore, it also rejuvenates the skin cells that have already become a victim of the injuries(inflammation and premature aging) prompted by the sun.

Using it along with your regular SPF will enhance the sun shield benefits.

Can almond oil lighten skin?

Almond oil can brighten your skin. Almond oil is a highly healthy oil with its richness in Vitamin A and E. This behavior increases the overall complexion of the skin and rejuvenates your natural glow. Therefore, it lightens up the skin, which may give it an impression of brightening skin.

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