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Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread Recipe

Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread is a well-baked and delicious dessert that can be consumed by both children and adults at any moment of the day. The significant ingredients such as chocolates, walnuts, and bananas are what make it different, and this special Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread.

It is very straightforward to prepare once you follow the instructions and it possesses a lot of health benefits that are beneficial to consumers. However, take notes of the ingredients in case you have a certain food allergy as there are walnuts and chocolates in this sweet bread.

Read along to discover the amazing benefits and perks of this toothsome dessert.

Facts About Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread menu is a significant dessert for most individuals. Numerous people are also preparing Best Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread for its assumed health benefits.

Best Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread is a set of proteins in this sweet bread that is accountable for providing bread with its springy, chewy texture.

Best Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread is quite crumbly, thick, and dense. Numerous products can also be low in fiber and include plentiful amounts of artificial additives.

Expediently, various Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread substitutes on the market are both nutritious and tasty.

Health Benefits of Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread

These are the amazing health benefits of Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread;

1. It is Quite Simple to add to your diet

It is true that bananas are not only astonishingly healthy but also one of the most beneficial snack foods around.

They make a superb supplement to yogurt, smoothies, and cereal and they serve a treat as a coating on whole-grain toast with peanut butter. The person (user) can even apply them instead of sugar in your dish and baking.

Bananas are likewise astonishingly simple to consume and convey. They are normally well-tolerated and simply ingested. All that is required to do is skin them, and you are at the ready.

2. Athletic performance

Conclusions written in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition recommend that a bar of small dark chocolate might increase oxygen availability throughout fitness exercise.

The experimenters who analyzed cyclists performing time tests in the United Kingdom discovered that “After consuming dark chocolate, the cyclists applied less oxygen when cycling at a reasonable speed and also traversed more distance in a two-minute flat-out time experiment.

The scientists conclude that the benefit of dark chocolate, in this instance, is that it includes flavonols called epicatechins, which improve the discharge of nitric oxide in the body. Also, beetroot juice has a comparable impact.

3. Weight management

As per the study written in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular nut consumption is linked with ampler levels of energy usage while relaxing.

In experiments that analyzed weight loss adopting diets that incorporate or eliminate nuts, the diets that incorporated nuts in regulation exhibited more exceptional weight loss.

A research written in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also discovered that women who reported unusually consuming nuts had a higher frequency of weight gain over an 8-year span than those who ate nuts twice every week or in a extended period.

4. May promote your heart health

Do you know that potassium is a mineral that is crucial for heart health mainly for blood pressure control? Notwithstanding its significance, several people receive sufficient potassium in their diet.

Beneficially, bananas are an exceptional source of potassium, with a medium-sized banana (126 grams) contributing 10% of the DV.

Just so you know that a potassium-rich diet can assist in decreasing your blood pressure. Also, as per the aged analysis and animal research, people who consume lots of potassium have up to a 27% decreased chance of heart disease.

Additionally, bananas include 8% of the DV for magnesium, another mineral that is crucial for heart health.

Magnesium deficiency may be connected to an enhanced chance of heart disease, high blood pressure, and elevated levels of fats in the blood. Consequently, it is necessary that you get sufficient of minerals from your supplements or diet.

Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread NUTRITION

  • Serving: 12 slices
  • Calories: 354kcal
  • Total Fat: 18.9g, DV: 24%
  • Saturated Fat: 8.4g, DV: 42%
  • Cholesterol: 51mg, DV: 17%
  • Sodium: 278mg, DV: 12%
  • Total Carbohydrate: 43.1g, DV: 16%
  • Dietary Fiber: 2.5g, DV: 9%
  • Total Sugars: 28.9g
  • Protein: 6.1g
  • Vitamin D: 8mcg, DV: 39%
  • Calcium: 43mg, DV: 3%
  • Iron: 1mg, DV: 8%
  • Potassium: 271mg, DV: 6%

Chocolate Precautions

Chocolate might possess few health benefits, but it can possess some negative impacts, also.

  • Weight gain: Some researchers recommend that chocolate consumption is associated to decrease body mass index (BMI) and central body fat. Nevertheless, chocolate can possess a high-calorie count due to its fat and sugar content. Anyone who is attempting to slim down or manage their weight should restrict their chocolate consumption and monitor the label of their preferred product.
  • Sugar content: The ample sugar content of most chocolate can also be the origin of tooth decay.
  • Migraine prospect: Most people may undergo an increment in migraines when consuming chocolate always due to cocoa’s phenylalanine, tyramine, and histamine content. Nevertheless, the study is diverse.

Nonetheless, walnuts are compact in calories, and people are recommended to consume them in regulation to lessen this danger.

Huge consumption of walnuts has also been connected to diarrhea.

This could be after a person consumes a huge number of walnuts, due to the fiber content or high oil, or because they have an allergy, for instance, in people undergoing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


Bananas, Chocolate, and Walnuts are common fruit with several possible health benefits.

They may support your digestion and heart health with gratitude for their fiber and antioxidant contents. Additionally, they may promote weight loss because they are comparatively low in calories, nutrient-dense, and satisfying.

Both plump, yellow bananas and unripe, green bananas can satiate your sweet tooth and maintain your health.

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Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread Recipe

Best Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread Recipe

This recipe for Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread is a moist and delicious quick bread that is perfect for breakfast, snacks, or dessert. It is made with ripe bananas, chopped walnuts, and chocolate chips, and is lightly sweetened with honey. This bread is easy to make and can be baked in just a few minutes.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 50 mins
Total Time 1 hr 10 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 12 slices
Calories 354 kcal


  • 1 Shallow bowl



  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • In the bowl of an electric mixer, add butter and sugar.
  • Cream together on medium speed until light and fluffy, about 3-4 minutes.
  • Add eggs and bananas to the mixing bowl.
  • Mix on medium speed until combined.


Press a crease in the parchment at the edges, so it fits snugly into the bottom. Spray non-stick cooking spray directly onto the bottom and sides of the pan and set the parchment on top. This will help the parchment stick to the pan, keep it from moving as you pour in the batter, and prevent batter from oozing between the parchment and the pan.

Tips to make a better banana bread

TIP: I like to leave some larger pieces of banana in my batter so that they’re visible and provide a punch of banana to the finished bread.
  • Add flour, baking soda, salt, and vanilla to the mixing bowl.
  • Mix on low speed until just combined.
TIP: You want to mix only until the separate ingredients are barely visible as you’ll continue to stir to mix in the walnuts and chocolate chips in the next step. If you over mix the batter, it will result in a more dense and chewy bread.
  • Add walnuts and chocolate chips to the mixing bowl.
  • With a spatula, fold in walnuts and chocolate chips until just combined.
TIP: Folding is another name for very gently stirring that’s typically done with a rubber spatula until ingredients are just incorporated. The goal is to avoid deflating delicate ingredients by making broad, scoop-like movements from the inside of the bowl outwards.
  • The more you handle the batter gently, the more tender your bread will be!
  • Pour batter in a greased and parchment-lined 9″ x 5″ x 3″ loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees for 55 minutes. Turn oven off and leave bread in the oven for additional 15 minutes.
TIP: To form a parchment paper sling for your bread, cut a length of parchment paper long enough to line the bottom of the pan with extra hanging over the sides. If your parchment is longer than your pan, fold the extra under.


Calories: 354kcalCarbohydrates: 43.1gProtein: 6.1gFat: 18gSaturated Fat: 8.4gCholesterol: 51mgSodium: 278mgPotassium: 271mgFiber: 2.5gSugar: 28.9gVitamin D: 8µgCalcium: 43mgIron: 1mg
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